Shadows of Gilead…

…is coming out of the shadows within the next couple of weeks or so. It’s in the publishing pipeline getting ready for printing and then for distribution to all the major online booksellers.

Here’s the blurb which will appear on the back cover:

“Did young Vic Scanlon really see a girl held prisoner in a church elder’s home? Or was he just imagining things? Should he tell? Or should he keep quiet as all the adults insisted?

Shadows of Gilead tells the stories of three very different defectors from the same congregation of the Fellowship of Gilead who all want to discover the truth of what was going on when they were kids.

Was the girl in the elder’s junk room real? What became of her after Vic had tried to spill the beans? Can she be found all these years later? And what will happen if she is found?

Shadows of Gilead is a work of fiction, but it depicts the kind of dark goings on and cover-ups all too often hidden behind the doors of some authoritarian religious movements masquerading as beacons of righteousness.”

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