Shadows of Gilead

Shadows of Gilead started out with a single sentence which came to mind one evening a couple of years ago when Maggie and I were spending a few days with Ben at his place in Andalusia. “Most people know where they came from, who their mum and dad were, where they went to school and things like that, but Lisa was different.” I jotted it down in my notebook along with a series of questions: Where was Lisa? Was she locked in wherever it was? Who were the boys who discovered she was there when they were snooping around somewhere they ought not?

Gradually the story came together – with a few stops and starts as I got side-tracked on other projects. At last Shadows of Gilead was finished. That sentence which sparked my imagining to begin with is still there at the head of chapter seventeen as the threads start to come together. And to round off the Andalusian connection, my son Ben designed the cover for it.

Shadows of Gilead is now available in paperback and as an e-book and you can get a copy here.