Planned Procrastination

Having spend just about all of my working time since Christmas focussed upon my Through the Transit Zone project, I am now free to turn to my next major piece of writing. But before that, just a couple of welcome distractions. Now that the warmer weather is hovering around I can get back into my workshop and set to work on a few of the small woodworking jobs I’ve been planning since before Christmas. Beginning with building a cross-cutting jig for my new circular saw ready to work on some more of the lovely white ash which I used for last year’s coffee table. (Wonder if I will be able to tear myself away from that when I’ve worked my way through list No 1.)

Then, before I actually make a start on that major new writing stint, I want to spend some time with some of the characters from Bunderlin. That was my first published novel and the furthest removed from any of my continuing interests in religious matters or biblical studies. It’s the building of characters and the development of stories, you see, that fascinates me. And it is relevant, directly relevant, to my forthcoming biblical studies project. In the meantime, though, it all seems like thoroughly mapped out, planned procrastination. More in a few days times.

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