Stories in the Scriptures

And now it’s finished. Stories in the Scriptures, my new book, is finally done and available in paperback from Amazon. Signing off a book after several months of work on it, always leaves a very strange feeling. I’ve noticed previously that it’s rather like sending a close friend off on a long journey when you are very pleased about where they are going and what they will be getting into, but also sad that you won’t see be with them again for a long time.

It leaves me in a kind of limbo until I get started on my next thing whatever that might be. I should get into my workshop and make a start on some of the many outstanding projects I’ve been planning – with lots of beautiful ash and oak and lots of turning blanks… And I really ought to put some structured thought and effort into marketing my books, which is something that I have to admit I have never been very good at – which must make it a fairly high priority, of course. And there’s my next book. Don’t know what it will be. A novel, most likely, but Stories in the Scriptures has left me with all sorts of ideas about further projects along those lines.

So, what is it to be? Right now, I’ll go and make a pot of tea and then I’ll take a walk with Jake, my dog.

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