Setting my Agenda

I’m setting my agenda for the coming weeks and months, beginning with an update of my header image here. It now includes an image of my new novel, Shadows of Gilead, as well as a new cover pic for my earlier novel, Bunderlin. I will be focussing on these two in particular over the coming weeks – as well, of course, as all my other books. I have to confess that I have been rather poor at promotion and marketing until now. Well, that has got to change – so a major item on my agenda is getting to grips with self promotion.

Another item to occupy my attention without delay will be that one on the right in the header image – Pathways to Freedom. I will be preparing a slide presentation following on from the ideas which I introduced in that book, focussing upon the journey to freedom following defection from the controlling influence of the Watchtower movement of Jehovah’s Witnesses. (it’s a theme I have dealt with in both of my Gilead novels.)

And when that is completed, hopefully by early spring next year, I will return to the theme of my slim volume, How to Write a Gospel. I was in two minds, actually about whether to include that cover pic in my header image because what I will be doing will be a complete rewrite with lots of additional material and eventual publication of a fully revised edition under a new title. So look out for that cover pic disappearing and giving way to something different.

Well, that lot should keep me busy for a few months but what I really must not do is to slip into my cosy writing den out of sight. Got to stay in the foreground and try engaging constantly with any and all who might be interested in these fascinating topics. Hold me to it, Folks.

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