A new cover for Bunderlin

Bunderlin has a special place among the books I have written. It marked my return to fiction after a long time of thinking I had left that behind with my first published book “Counting the Days to Armageddon.” I had dabbled in fiction for many years before turning to academic non-fiction, and actually had four unpublished novels tucked away in a drawer. I couldn’t leave fiction alone, however, and Bunderlin earned the distinction of being my novel to find a publisher. That was great – it gave me the much needed confidence to focus on the novel as my primary writing endeavour.

Bunderlin was to alter my course in publishing in an unlooked for way, however, when it earned the dubious distinction of being the last book to be published by Solidus Press before they went out of business! All rights in Bunderlin reverted to me and I was propelled in the direction of self-publishing, something which I had strongly resisted until then. There was one niggling little snag to self-publishing, however. It needed a new cover. I set about designing a cover and eventually produced one which I’ve been using for it since first uploading it to Kindle.

But I was never really happy with that cover. Now though – and I have no excuse for it taking this long – I have designed a new cover. (That’s it up there on my header pic.) I have reissued both the e-book and the paperback editions of Bunderlin with the new cover and now, at last I have a copy here on my desk in front of me. And I like it! I’m happy with it and I hope that some of you folk out there will like it as well. So hop over to Amazon and see what you think:


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